Ecotourism experience

From the rural house we offer authentic ecotourism experiences guided by the staff of the Aquila Foundation, thanks to the established collaboration.

Participate in the conservation of the Iberian imperial eagle

Open-air tour to see imperial eagle, golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, booted eagle, short-toed eagle, black kite and other species, all of which are irrecoverable. The tour explains the conservation problems of the birds of prey and their habitats, with a personalised interpretation adapted to the groups of visitors.

The visit is completed with a guided tour of the “Heart of the Eagle” exhibition, which consists of a half-hour guided tour for all visitors through the rooms of the interpretation centre to learn how to identify the birds of prey with life-size models and panels showing their ancestral relationship with humans.

Get to know the birds of prey up close

Get to know the secrets of birds of prey and take away an unforgettable photo. A 1-hour visit for all ages that takes place in the gardens and arcades of the rural house, showing irrecoverable specimens of birds of prey and how scientists work on their conservation.

Scientific ecotourism

This is a detailed visit to learn about the raptor conservation programmes, to get to know in depth the most interesting aspects of the captive breeding programme and the conservation projects of the Aquila Foundation. We will visit the aviary showing the conservation programmes, and the laboratory where research on climate change and bird electrocution is carried out.

Additional activities

Additional experiences can be offered, such as workshops for building nests and bird feeders, introductory talks on ornithology, etc., which can complete the stay at the rural house.

Other experiences

The rural house can be rented for veterinary training courses, personal development courses, motivational talks, conferences and business meetings.

Consult timetables and prices

You can be an ecotourist with your stay and visit to Eagles of Fuente Empedrada. You can collaborate with Aquila Foundation by sponsoring a bird of prey or becoming a member of Aquila Foundation. You will be helping the conservation of the eagles and their habitats in the Campana de Oropesa.

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