As you are staying inside the Special Protection Area for Birds, the guesthouse and we must behave in an environmentally friendly manner.

Environmental behaviour during your stay

  • The rural house runs on solar energy, so we ask you to use the lighting in the rooms appropriately (turn off the lights when you do not need them, and the air conditioning in the room when you are not in it).
  • Toilet paper must not be flushed down the toilet and must be placed in the waste bins in each bathroom. No paper, sanitary towels or plastics should be flushed down the toilet. For small amounts of water, you can flush the toilet and flush it again to make a small flush.
  • In the kitchen there are containers for the separation of organic waste, plastics and glass. Join us in contributing to the circular economy.
  • During the guided tour of the aviary, we ask you to behave respectfully towards the birds.